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Community Empowerment

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At Mountain Rock we set aside a share of our earnings to support school building projects, sports development, sponsor kids from needy families and donate to community self help projects in the areas we visit. We believe strongly that local people must see some benefits from tourism in order for them to have the incentive to safeguard their natural resources and preserve their culture.

Responsible travel to Africa in support of Community Development Projects. 

Take a holiday to Africa and do some good…..

There is an increasing number of people looking for more meaningful ways to see the world, in our opinion, responsible tourism is a better way to see Africa and the world. Not only do you get a more authentic experience, but your holiday benefits local people and the environment. Responsible tourism can apply to any type of holiday, from use of luxurious accommodation facilities to home stays. Responsible tourism simply means holidays that care about local communities & culture as well as wildlife conservation & the environment. 

Mountain Rock, a locally owned ecotourism driven company offers great opportunities to visitors, corporate teams and volunteers to participate in supportive school building projects in Kenya as part of an African holiday experience OR as a team building activity. Benefiting local communities is one of our underlying principles and we hope it will be a factor in your choosing us as a travel partner in East Africa.

Voluntourism in Masai Mara, KenyaVacation Highlights:

  • Getting your hands dirty working with the local community!
  • Help construct a classroom or lavatory in a local school or choose a project of your choice.
  • Spending time in a stunning parts of Africa.
  • Exploring or trekking the near by National Parks for the safari experience. 
  • Interacting closely with the host community and having quality cultural exchanges.
  • Including any other activity of choice on your holiday program

What we believe

We believe strongly that local people must see some benefit from tourism in order for them to have the incentive to safeguard their natural resources and preserve age-old cultures. Into Africa Eco-travel facilitates hands-on initiative programs on behalf of local communities in line with what we believe in.

What we do 

As part of your visit to Africa we are able to organise involvement in projects that will get your hands dirty such as building class rooms or lavatories for a local school or participate in a church project if you will. We’ve in the past coordinated successful projects of this nature close to Masai Mara and Mount Kenya. This will offer you a fantastic opportunity to stay and work alongside the community who will benefit from your efforts and also get to learn a lot about the local community.

What we achieve

The local people need schools to improve their lives. Knowledge empowerment will ultimately bring development and ward off illiteracy, hunger, disease and dependency on handouts. In recent times, nomadic communities like the Maasai have started to migrate to urban places for work and survival means due to diminishing areas to graze their cattle and constant droughts caused by global warming. To avoid this exodus, development must come to their land, schools must be built close to them and their cultures promoted to attract tourists to these areas, so that the communities can benefit from revenue generated. 

Our pleaWe encourage you to put together a volunteer group or come in as a corporate team and undertake this interesting project as a team building activity as part of corporate responsibility. This way you will be part of this wonderful effort to better the lives of needy Kenyan communities.  

How it works 

You’ll need to combine your holiday to Kenya with 2 to 7 days volunteer work in a remote area. Part of your trip cost pays for the relevant building materials and local project manager. During the community work, you'll live and work alongside local people. 

Skills/Qualifications required

You do not need any qualifications to volunteer in the project. However, if you were qualified in the tusk, you’d be ideal for the project. If volunteers have other skills like building projects, cultural conservation ideas, you are more than welcome to share them. Others can also contribute equally by learning and volunteering enthusiastically.

Accommodation/Meals and Supervision

Volunteers will stay in local homes (home stay), available local hotels or mid-luxury mobile camps assemble by us. 

When camping the accommodation tents will be mid-sized (stand-in) canvas tents spacious enough to fit in 2 safari beds. Each tent is furnished with 2 single metal safari beds with firm mattress and full set of bedding. Essential camp furniture will be included in each tent - bedside stools, wash handstand, veranda table and seats. Each tent comes with a detached canvas shower and toilet. The shower is fitted with an overhead canvas shower bucket (filled manually) and toilet fitted with portable chemical toilet.

Mobile Camp meals are prepared with fresh market produce, ensuring good standards of hygiene and high quality meals (with a taste of African Cuisine on occasions) all food is prepared by our own experienced safari cooks. We cater for special dietary requirements and there is no extra food kitty payments charged. Purified drinking water is provided at meal times only. 

For more information on how you can volunteer email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Patrick on +254 722511752


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