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Short Excursions in Kenya

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Abridged walking excursions designed for those seeking a fitness or acclimatisation undertaking ahead of making a trek to higher altitudes or for the enthusiastic hiker pressed for time. Walking takes place on hills and mountains with appropriate height for acclimatisation providing moderate to hard trekking challenges. This short trekking safaris are purpose designed to aid with acclimatisation but also form interesting excursions for recreation.

Expeditious walking safaris for acclimatisation or recreation.

Abridged walking excursions designed for those seeking a fitness or acclimatisation undertaking ahead of making a trek to higher altitudes or for the enthusiastic hiker pressed for time. Walking takes place on hills and mountains with appropriate height for acclimatisation providing moderate to hard trekking challenges. This short trekking safaris are purpose designed to aid with acclimatisation but also form interesting excursions for recreation. Accommodation on the trips is in moderate standard lodges and camps or comfortable camping.Accommodation standards for premium trips are upgraded to utilise more luxurious facilities at the destination of choice.

3 days Hells Gate, Lake Nakuru and Mount Longonot excursion - (moderate)

A quality trekking tour in the Rift Valley ideal for those preparing to hike up Mount Kenya or seeking a nice recreational tour for 3 days. The trip integrates an easy walk in Hell’s Gate Park, a relaxing game viewing trip to Lake Nakuru Park and a tough morning hike to the summit of Longonot Mountain. Hells Gate park is cleft deep into the floor of the Rift Valley and provides inexhaustible bio-diversity - undulating grasslands, towering cliffs, water-gouged gorges, stark rock towers and gushing fumes of geothermal steam making it the most spectacular trekking park in Kenya. Lake Nakuru Park on the other hand is a compact park with unmatchable ease of spotting wildlife including the elusive Leopard and Black Rhino. The excursion which Culminates with a climb up Mount Longonot offer great satisfaction to any enthusiastic trekker - located a short distance south of Lake Naivasha and standing at 2886 metres the mountain provides an exhilarating 5hour morning hike up and down that helps boost your acclimatisation if planning a trek to higher altitudes.


Day 1:By road from Nairobi to Hells Gate Park and Naivasha / Guided hike in Hells Gate Park / Boating and overnight on shores of Lake Naivasha (moderate standard or premium accommodation options).

Day 2:Day trip to Lake Nakuru National Park / Return to Lake Naivasha for overnight

Day 3: Morning hike to summit of Mount Longonot / Return to Nairobi or proceed to Mount Kenya.

Aberdares trekking safari - 3 Days (moderate)

The Aberdare Mountain Ranges are an equatorial volcanic range that supports a mix of montane grasslands, forest, moorland, and the most magnificent and dramatic water falls to be found in Kenya. It offers superb scenery and excellent opportunities for high altitude hiking, sightseeing and wildlife viewing. The Park provides habitat for a large number of wildlife. Animals here includes; lions, leopards, elephants, bushbucks, buffaloes, forest hogs, the rear Bongo among other. Birds includes; Crowned Eagle, Golden-winged Sunbird, Silvery-cheeked Hornbill, Hartlaub's Turaco, African Green Ibis, Ayres's Hawk Eagle and African Grass Owl among others. Aberdare Ranges was named after the president of the Royal Geographical Society by the explorer Joseph Thompson in 1884. This park is probably most famous for Treetops where Princess Elizabeth was crowed Queen of England while on a visit there.


Day 1: Journey from Nairobi in 4X4 vehicle to Aberdare park / Site seeing / Overnight in tents at Reedbuck campsite.

Day 2: Game viewing in salient section / Hike on the moorland / overnight in tents at Honi River camp.

Day 3: Transfer to the road head / Summit Le Satima peak (4001m) / descend and transfer to Nairobi or Mount Kenya.

4 days Amboseli and Mount Longido safari and trek - hard

A good combination of game drive and walking safari. starting at Amboseli one of the few places you can enjoy unbstracted view of Mount kilimanjaro and free ranging elephants. then cross over into Tanzania to a small viilage at the foot of Mount Longido for cultural experience. The next day you climb Mount Longido guided by Maasai warriors who often have to shout to clear the trail of wildlife especially buffaloes. A magnificent feast of scenery await s us at the top. We are able to view all the Mountains of Northern Tanzania - Kilimanjaro, Meru, Lengai and the wonderful outlaying landforms.

Day 1: drive from Nairobi to Amboseli/Game Drives/Dinner and overnight at Kibo Safari camp (mid-range tented camp).

Day 2: Full day game drive in Amboseli park / Dinner and overnight at Kibo Safari camp (mid-range tented camp).

Day 3: Drive via Namanga border into Tanzania to Longido for Cultural tour of Masai Homestead. Overnight in tents in a bush campsite.

Day 4: With Masai Guides trek up a buffalo trail to peak Longido/ Travel Arusha in 2 hours.

Mt Meru trek – 3 days

Mt Meru (4,566m), a dormant volcano is only 50km from Kilimanjaro but with superb trekking and immense natural beauty. With an armed ranger escort we avoid the main track and take a route up through the ancient forest. Higher up there is thrilling trekking around the crater rim with stunning views across to Kilimanjaro or back to the plains and volcanoes of the Great Rift Valley.


Day 1: Game drive in Arusha Park/Take Fig Tree Ascent route to Miriakamba Hut (2,600m) for overnight.

Day 2: Trek up steep slopes and narrow gullies to reach Saddle Hut at 3,570m for overnight.


Day 3: Trek to the peaks at 4,566m can leave at 2am/ Return to Arusha.

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