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    Interesting designed walking safaris in pristine and unspoilt terrain with our naturalist guide and local guides/morans(warriors). Read more

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Mountain Rock is a recognised brand in the Kenyan tourism scene. We have built a reputation for Mountain Climbing as well as adventure walking safaris...

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We are the No. 1 in operating Mount Kenya excursions and we own strategically located Mountain huts, lodge in Mount Kenya and tented camp in Masai Mara...

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Mountain Biking around Mount KenyaWe know organise exciting Mountain Cycling safari or challenges involving total circumnavigation of mountain along the forest and farmlands. The trip is for active holiday seekers ...

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"A Precocious Option"


(Itinerary adjustable to 6,7 or 8 days)


Interesting combination of the two most scenic routes on Mount Kenya, from the lush green forests and U-shaped valleys of Sirimon to the unique features of the temple, mushroom rocks and the Gorges Valley on the Chogoria side.

There is also a marked contrast in micro-climatic conditions, Chogoria being wetter and more moist than Sirimon. This itinerary includes mandatory camping at Mintos on Day 3 but less preffered the other nights can be in the huts that exist along the route.


Detailed Day by Day itinerary


Day 0: An optional day ahead of the mountain trek spent at the Base lodge (2000m) for preparations and acclimatization. This pre-hike day is included in our all inclusive trip option. Those whose itinerary includes this day are advised to arrive at the Lodge in time for lunch in order to have the rest of the afternoon to participate in fitness activities that help with acclimatization. If you are from Nairobi leave by 9.00am or earlier. A choice of two hiking excursions is available today. The first option is a 3 hours escorted nature hike into the forest destined for the Mau Mau Caves, an awesome site with an interesting history related to Kenyan's struggle for independence in the 1950s. The 2nd option is the Eco-conscious escorted hike through the local community's land, visiting local homes, farms and schools. In the process you help support the local communities' initiative in tourism and conservation. Those interested in combining these two activities ahead of the mountain trip can consider spending an extra day at the lodge.
Dinner and Overnight---------------------------------------------------Mountain Rock Lodge


Day 1: Depart at 1000hrs to be transferred to Sirimon Park gate. (Clients traveling from Nairobi should arrive at the lodge latest 1300hrs for a quick lunch and onward transfer to the Park gate). From here, hike through montane forest, bamboo and rosewood up to the OldMoses Hut, gaining an elevation range of 700m in 3-4 hours.
Dinner and Overnight --------------------------------------------------OldMoses Hut (3300m)


Day 2: A long and rather tiring day leading to the base of the high peaks. Today's trek is largely through the moorlands and the Mackinder Valley, with good views of the main peaks and a brief stopover for picnic lunch. Total walking time is approx. 7 hours gaining 900m in altitude.
Dinner and Overnight ------------------------------------------------Shipton's Hut (4200m)


Day 3: Pre-dawn attempt of the summit starts at 0300hrs, taking 3-4 hours to reach Pt. Lenana 4985m (the hikers summit) in time to watch the sunrise. When the morning skies are clear, you can see the snow capped summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro several miles away to the south. Descend to Minto's camp for breakfast. Spend the rest of the day at leisure or exploring the spectacular Gorges Valley.
Dinner and Overnight --------------------------------------------Mintos campsite (4300m)


Day 4: Leisurely descent along the left bank of Gorges Valley with a chance to enjoy the great scenery of the Temple, mushroom rocks, lakes etc.You arrive at the Meru Mt Kenya lodge after a 5-6 hours trek. Picnic lunch is served enroute.
Dinner and Overnight----------------------------------------------- Mt. Kenya Lodge (3000m)


Day 5: Leave at 0700 hrs, walking down the Chogoria Forest to meet with our vehicle for transfer back to Nairobi or the Base Lodge. Those traveling directly to Nairobi will arrive by 1700hrs.


Tip: Clients wishing to avoid the long trek from Old Moses to Shiptons and the strain it may cause them can break up the trekking distance into two phases. On the first phase, hike up to Likii North (3900m) in approximately 4hours to spend the night in tents and proceed on to Shiptons the following day in another 4 hours. Alternatively, clients can hike directly to Shipton's and spend an extra day there relaxing or walking around the peaks for acclimatization. This would mean adding on an extra day or two to the regular itinerary.


5 days Mt. Kenya - Burguret to Sirimon circuit

Same itinerary is adjustable to 6 or 7 days

Mount Kenya Burguret Route Trek

The Burguret Route is a wilderness path that is little used.  Mountain Rock is proudly recognized as the company which revived treks on this route. We go upto Point Lenana, the hikers summit, via this nature trail then descend on the gradual Sirimon Route. Accommodation on the trek is camping throughout, in roomy mountain tents shared by two people. When camping on our trips you will not have to participate in camp chores. 


Day 1: GIANT BAMBOO CAMP – 2,600m.

AM. Transfer to Mountain Rock lodge (200kms /3.5hrs) Transfer to Gathiuru Forest approx. 15kms / 1hr.
P.M Trek to Giant Bamboo camp 10kms / 4h). Ascent: +740m.

D1 details: Drive from Nairobi northwards past farmlands to the base of Mount Kenya arriving at our lodge - Mountain Rock Lodge in time for lunch.  Then briefing and equipment check drive to Gathiuru Forest Station (2000m). From here it is a long but thrilling walk through dense forest and towering bamboo to our own Giant Bamboo camp. In the forest there are many species of brightly coloured birds such as the scarlet winged turacos and different species of monkeys. Elephant and buffalo are also common sightings.


Day 2: HIGHLAND CASTLE – 3,700m

Trek to Highland Castle, approx.10kms / 5-6h. Ascent: +1,100m. The bamboo give way to enormous podocarpus and pencil cedar forest and as we climb higher we pass through the Hygenia or Hypercium zone also know as the rosewood zone (generally found at 2850-3000m). We spend the night close to the sheer lava cliffs of the "Highland Castle". 


Day 3: SHIPTON'S CAMP – 4,236m

Trek to via Hausberg col (4,600m) to Shipton's Camp (approx. 10kms / 5-6h). Ascent: +900m. Trek to the base of the high peaks then take summit circuit trail in the clockwise direction, with amazing views of the jagged volcanic peaks and glaciers. Our target is to get to Shipton's Mountain Hut/Camp located in the Mackinder's valley. From the camp we have a panoramic view of all the main peaks including Terere and Sendeyo two ancient parasitic vents of the main peaks. Climbing high (Hausberg Col) and sleeping low (Shipton's) is excellent for acclimatisation.


Day 4: SUMMIT – 4,985m / OLDMOSES CAMP – 3,340m

Trek via Pt. Lenana to Oldmoses Camp. Approx. 20Kms/9hrs. Ascent: 749m to the summit / Descent: -1645m to Oldmoses Camp.  Just before dawn we are woken by our guides and hot tea is served before we begin the last leg of our trek to the summit. The trek begins beneath the stars as we zigzag our way up a large scree slope guided only by torch light to reach Pt. Lenana. It's an exhilarating 3 hours from here to reach the hiker's summit, Pt Lenana (4985m) in time for the sunrise!. A further 2 hours down to Shipton's camp (4200m) for a hefty breakfast. Then down to OldMoses Camp 3340m. for overnight.



Hike to Sirimon gate (2,600m).approx 10kms / 2h. Descent : -740m Transfer to Nairobi via Mountain Rock lodge. (Span, 230kms / 4-5h). A short morning trek to Sirimon park gate (2600m) and connect with the vehicle for transfer back to Mountain Rock Lodge for a hot shower and lunch before the journey back to Nairobi.



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