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    Interesting designed walking safaris in pristine and unspoilt terrain with our naturalist guide and local guides/morans(warriors). Read more

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    With a team of experienced Mountain crew we ensure that your mountain summit excursion is over an enjoyable endurance event.Read more

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    A team of experienced mount kenya climbers consisting of Guides, Cooks and Porters. This are the people who ensure that you summitRead more

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    Travel in comfort offroad with our Land Cruiser 4x4 vehicles which we hire at affordable rates. The fleet is well maintained ...Read more

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    East Africa is the original capital of the safari. Endowed with many species of wildgame, birds etc. The destinations include: Masai Mara & Samburu among many others... Read more

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    Our latest adventure expedition is the Low impact Cycling challenge that circumnavigates the lower slopes of Mount Kenya. This is a great active holiday product for cycling enthusiasts. Read more

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    Another of our very new and innovative programs. Horseback safaris take place around Mount Kenya and in the large wildlife rich Lakipia Ranches

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Mountain Rock is a recognised brand in the Kenyan tourism scene. We have built a reputation for Mountain Climbing as well as adventure walking safaris...

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We are the No. 1 in operating Mount Kenya excursions and we own strategically located Mountain huts, lodge in Mount Kenya and tented camp in Masai Mara...

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Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking around Mount KenyaWe know organise exciting Mountain Cycling safari or challenges involving total circumnavigation of mountain along the forest and farmlands. The trip is for active holiday seekers ...

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5 days Mount Kenya Peak Circuit trek

A moderate summit trek enriched with a fascinating peak circuiting trek for extra acclimatisation.


mount Kenya Peak Circuit TrekPreamble: An itinerary that is highly recommended for trekkers seeking a 5 day trek on Mountain Kenya offering a high levels of success to reach the hiker's summit (Point Lenana - 4985m). The added advantage of this moderate trek is the fact that it offers extra acclimatization when you trek partly or all around the peaks ahead of attempting the summit. You'll also enjoy facilitating views of the high peaks from all angles. The hike goes up through montane forest, bamboo, heather and Mooreland zones to Shiptons camp (4200m) below the peaks from where you skirt the high peaks to the east, bypassing Hausburg col, Oblong tarn and Two-tarn.  


On this itinerary you have a choice to approach the summit from the more challenging Naromoru trail starting at Mackinder's camp on day 4 OR return to Shipton's after the summit circuit hike on day 3 and attempt the summit on the easier Sirimon trail that's highly recommended for the less experienced trekkers. See tip below day 3 details on the itinerary. Unless preferred, camping is not necessary on this trek as accommodation is available in mountain huts throughout the trip.


Detailed itinerary:Day 1: OLDMOSES HUT - 3,340m

AM. Transfer to Mountain Rock Lodge (1950m) for lunch.

PM. Transfer to Sirimon gate then Trek Oldmoses hut. Approx 10Kms / 2.5 hrs. Ascent: 740m.


D1 details: Drive from Nairobi to Mountain Rock Lodge on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya arriving in time for lunch. From here is a short drive, crossing the equator en-route, to the Sirimon Park Gate. Then trek up through magnificent montane forests, bamboo and giant heather zones before reaching the high altitude moorland and our Old Moses Mountain Hut /Campsite. 

Day 2: SHIPTON'S CAMP - 4,200m. Hike to Shiptons camp.Approx 14Kms / 7- 8hrs. Ascent: 860m.


D3 details: After an early breakfast trek to Shipton's camp (4200m). The hike is awesome but a good test on individual endurance on the mountain. The rigorous but exciting trek up takes you across hills and valleys through the entire stretch of the sprawling moorlands where you see several unique and interesting plants and animals including the Giant groundsels and lobelias and the mountain rock hyrax.  


Day 3: MACKINDER'S CAMP – 4,300mHike via Hausberg  col. (4,600m) to Mackinders Hut/Camp. Approx. 7Kms / 4 hrs. Ascent: 400m then Descent: 300m. 


D3 Details: Departing at 0800hrs ascend the Hausberg col (4700m) then descend steeply to Hausberg valley and Oblong tarns before making a further steep ascent, crossing huge boulders via Two Tarn on the way to Mackinder's camp which is located along the Naromoru route within the Teleki Valley.  


Day 4: OLDMOSES CAMP – 3340m. Or MET STATION CAMP – 3,050m Trek via Pt. Lenana (4,985m)  to Oldmoses or Met station camp. approx. 20Kms / 10h). Ascent: 685m. and descent  1935m.


D4 Details: Leaving camp at 0300hrs you hike up the steep scree slopes and glacier to Point Lenana (4985m), the hiker's summit. It is planned that you arrive in time to witness the African Sun rising over the equator, reflect its golden glow on the Majestic peaks of Batian and Nelion – you may feel tired after this demanding adventure but absolutely ecstatic after you've made it to the top. After a brief celebration at the top descend to Makinder's camp (4200m) for breakfast then proceed further down on the Naro Moru Trail to arrive at Met Station in time for lunch. Relax the rest of the afternoon in readiness of our departure from the mountain tomorrow. Dinner and overnight at the Met Station.NB: There is a possibility to exit the mountain at this stage and reduce this itinerary by a day.


Day 5 MOUNTAIN ROCK LODGE (1900m.) OR NAIROBI (1650m.) 


D5 Details: Have early breakfast before your descend to Naro Moru park gate in 2hours, from where you connect the car to mountain Rock Lodge or Nairobi.


5/6/7 days Kamweti Route Trekking Options

trekking Mount kenya via Kamweti RouteThe journey up the adventurous Kamweti route commences at Castle Forest Lodge on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya. The trail up is fairly challenging: rough underfoot, with dense montane forest, lush stands of giant bamboo, muddy when wet, no huts and a forest track more used by wild animals than humans. At Mackinder's camp 4,300m you might, for the first time, meet other trekkers since Kamweti route connects with the more commonly used trails at the Teleki Valley en-route to the hiker's summit (Lenana peak – 4,985m). On the average you will be walking for 5-7 hours per day. The crew will set our overnight camps in the wild campsites or in the neighborhood of available cabins located along our trail. 

Kamweti route options:
Option 1: The Kamweti to Chogoria route in 7 days. 
Option 2: Kamweti to Sirimon route in 5 - 6 days


Day 1: Castle Lodge - Kamweti (2,081m – 2,650m)
Transfer from Nairobi to Castle Forest Lodge (2,081m.), on the northern slopes of Mt Kenya. After sorting mountain gears and enjoying lunch at Castle Lodge, we commence a 3 hours hike through the natural forest to the Kamweti's old forest station (2,650m) and spend the night in pitched tents. Elephant, buffalo and waterbuck are common here.
Tip. Clients arriving at castle Lodge after lunch or in need of rest for additional acclimatization can spend the pre-trek night at the castle lodge. A short nature hike in the forest whilst at the lodge is encouraged for acclimatization and siting of forest birds, colobus monkeys and possibly elephants.

Day 2: Kamweti - Sagana Campsite (2,650m – 3,150m)
Early breakfast at camp then hike about 15kms in 5-6hrs through dense stands of towering bamboo to Sagana River camp at an altitude of 3,150m. Today we'll slip deeper into the dense virgin bamboo forest which marks the true beginning of the actual mountain trek. Picnic lunch en-route and dinner and overnight at Sagana campsite.


Day 3: Sagana Campsite - Thegu Camp (3,150m - 3,750m) 
The luxuriant bamboo thicket yields to the hagenia rosewood zone which, in turn, yields to heather zone as our climb get steeper approaching the moorland. The edge of the moorlands marks our lunch spot before heading up through unique endemic mountain vegetation of giant lobelia and groundsels. Today's hike is about 7kms and takes us about 6hrs to arrive at Thegu River camp (3,750m). Our overnight spot offers exhilarating peak views. Dinner and overnight again in tents at Thegu River camp.


Days 4: Thegu Camp - Mackinders Camp (3,750m - 4300m)
We continues steeply up for about 3 hours to lake Hornell trekking through beautiful tropical alpine vegetation dotted with Senecio and Lobelia plants. At this scenic lake we stop for lunch before a farther two hours hike through undulating terrain to reach Mackinder's Camp (4,300m) within the Teleki Valley. Overnight will be at the campsite in close proximity to the mountain hut. (If you wish you may alter your accommodation tonight and utilize the hut at a small fee). Early dinner and good rest in readiness for an early start the next day.

Day 5: Mackinders Camp - Point Lenana – Chogoria track head or Sirimon's Oldmoses camp (4,300m – 4,985M - 3000m)
Pre-dawn start (3am) to attempt conquer the hikers summit. After an early light breakfast, we go up steep scree and a bare rocky track for about 3 hours to reach Austrian Hut. Then, an exhilarating 30 minutes to reach the hikers summit, Lenana peak at 4,985m in time for sunrise - Kilimanjaro is usually visible 340kms to the south. Though tired after this demanding conquest we'll be absolutely ecstatic that we've made it to the top. After celebrations at the top, we have 2 options for our descent.


Option 1 - Descent along the very scenic Chogoria trail. (Continuation of Day 5:) From Lenana peak we descent 3 hours to Hall Tarns (4,300m), where you have a late second breakfast. We have excellent views from top of a sheer 300m cliff overlooking the Gorges Valley. Then, a 3 hour hike down the Gorges valley in the afternoon, along a broad ridge enjoying magnificent views back up the valley to the snowy peaks, and down to waterfalls, tarns and lava flows in the Gorges Valley itself. Tonight we camp by the track head in the giant heather zone.


Day 6: Short descent through the forest zone to the mountain cabins and afternoon relaxing. Log fires, hot showers, beers if you wish, and comfy beds for overnight. Wildlife viewing - often from your cabin verandah as the elephant and buffalo graze outside!


Day 7 Descent on a broad track for about 10 kms. through bamboo and virgin forest to meet vehicle(s) for the return to Nairobi - usually arriving mid to late afternoon.


Option 2 - Descent along the Sirimon trail. (Continuation of Day 5:) From Lenana peak we descend to Shipton's camp (4200m) in 2 hours for our second breakfast then proceed further down on the Sirimon trail and arrive at Old Moses in a farther 4 hours – picnic lunch served en-route. Overnight projected at the Oldmoses hut (3050m). 


Tip: There is a possibility to exit from the mountain at this stage and reduce this itinerary by a day.


Day 6: Have early breakfast then descend along a bold track to Sirimon park gate in about 2 hours, Here, we'll connect with the vehicle for our transfer back to Mountain Rock Lodge for a hot shower and lunch before our return journey back to Nairobi. Arrival in Nairobi is by late afternoon

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